Family KITAS

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Family KITAS is a residence permit that may be obtained by the children or spouses (wife/husband) of Indonesian KITAS holders who are interested in staying in Indonesia with the KITAS holder as a sponsor. Family KITAS provides a one-year stay that can be extended up to five years. You can also consider converting it into KITAP, a permanent stay permit, after the fourth extension.

Requirements From Applicant

  1. Scan passport (min passport validity 18 months)
  2. Medical/travel insurance
  3. Latest Bank Statement of foreigner/sponsor (Rekening Koran) min. balance equal to USD 2000 (Minimum last 3 Months)
  4. Latest passport size photograph on red background.
  5. Scan Passport Cover (Optional)
  6. Color Scan of Foreigner Domicile (Surat Domisili)
  7. Copy Of Sponsor’s Marriage Deed
  8. Copy Of Birth Certifica|te (If Child Under 18)

Requirements From Sponsor

  1. Copy Of Sponsor’s Passport Biodata
  2. Copy Of Sponsor’s Last Immigration Documents (Vitas / Itas)
  3. *Copy Of RPTKA From Sponsor (If Sponsored By Working Kitas)
  4. *Copy Of IMTA Notification (If Sponsored By Working Kitas)
  5. Copy of Director/Commissioner Passport (If PMA)
  6. Copy Of Director/Commissioner KITAS(If PMA)
  7. Color Scan of one local staff ID card (KTP)
  8. Color Scan of Tax Identification Number Card (NPWP)
  9. Nomor Induk Berusaha – NIB from OSS
  10. Color Scan of Company License from OSS
  11. Color Scan of Company Domicile (Surat Domisili/ Surat Keterangan Tempat Usaha (SKTU))
  12. Color Scan of Notary Act of Company Establishment (Akta Notaris Pendirian Perusahaan)
  13. Color Scan of Legalization of Notary Act Change (Akta Pengesahan Perubahan Perusahaan) – If Any
  14. Color scan of Legalization of Notary Act Company
  15. Establishment (Pengesahan Akta Notaris dari Kemenkumham)
  16. Color Scan of Notary Act Company Change (Pengesahan Akta Notaris Perubahan) if any.
  17. Copy Of Last Company Profile (Optional)
  18. Company Stamp (Optional)
  19. Corporate Letterhead (Optional)

Frequently Ask Question

Yes, you must attach a marriage certificate to apply for this visa. As intended, this is a residence permit intended for families, whether children or partners (wife/husband).

Yes you can, with this KITAS you can travel abroad without worrying about your visa being canceled because this visa already gives you multiple exit and re-entry permits.

You are not obligated to do anything as the holder of this visa, but several requirements require you to include proof of income from your sponsor as proof that you are able to cover your expenses while in Indonesia.

Price and Processing Time

*All payment transactions performed will be converted to Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

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