Monthly Tax Report

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Monthly Tax Report is a tax reporting activity that you must do every month. Yes, this might sound like a hassle because apart from having to report taxes annually, you also have to report taxes every month, but you need to know that monthly tax reporting activities have different purposes. Monthly tax report is used to report taxes that have been withheld or collected by other parties. For example: PPh article 21 where the Income Tax Law (UU PPh) requires employers to withhold income tax (PPh) on the wages and salaries of their employees.

Requirements From Applicant for Monthly Tax Report

  1. Income and expenses statement
  2. List of company employee names
  3. Employee ID card (KTP) & Tax Identification Number (NPWP)

Frequently Ask Question

Companies that have been established and are operating are required to carry out monthly tax reports

The reporting deadline for Periodic Income Tax Returns is the maximum on the 20th of the following month and if it conflicts with a holiday then it is calculated from the next working day. Meanwhile, the reporting deadline for Periodic VAT SPT is the maximum at the end of the following month.

Every month you are required to report company taxes for administrative purposes to legal entities. Failure to fulfill this obligation will result in a fine being imposed

Price and Processing Time

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