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Second Home Visa is a non-work visa given to foreigners and/or their families who live permanently in Indonesia for 5 or 10 years after fulfilling certain requirements. Apart from that, the implementation of this second home visa can help foreigners to develop their business and investments in Indonesia. Another advantage of this visa is that second home visa holders can become sponsors for their families to live in Indonesia, whether they are children, wives or parents.

Requirements From Applicant

  1. Valid Nationality Passport at least 6 (six) months.
  2. Proof of living expenses of at least US$ 2,000 (two thousand US Dollars) or equivalent.
  3. Latest color photograph.
  4. Statement of commitment that must be accomplished within 90 days after the date of arrival, such as:
    • Deposit funds in an account under the name of the Foreigner at a state-owned bank with a value of US$ 130,000 (one hundred thirty thousand US Dollars), or
    • Purchase property in Indonesia such as an apartment/flat house with a value of US$1,000,000 (one million US Dollars).

Frequently Ask Question

Second home visa is established for a visitor who plans to have a long-term stay (5 years) and move to Indonesia for non-working purposes such as investment, retirement and tourism activities. Second home visa is also perceived as an alternative for Investment KITAS that has been well known for many years.

Second Home is a new alternative type of stay permit for a long-term stay in Indonesia. It is not exactly the same as KITAS, however, a Second Home visa holder has very similar rights to a KITAS holder, such as the rights for making investment in Indonesia, becoming the sponsor to bring family members to stay in Indonesia, and to have re-entry permit.

Second Home visa is a suitable option for those who want to reside for a longer term stay in Indonesia. This is not limited to only for tourism and retirement visits, but also for future investment activity and to have the ease of bringing family members to stay in Indonesia.

Failure to fulfill the commitment required for a Second Home application means that your visa will be cancelled and that you have to leave on the 90th day at the latest.

Second home is valid for non-working related activities such as tourism visit, retirement and investment. On the other hand, working is prohibited.

After all requirements are fulfilled and your Second Home Visa has fully been granted, you can be the sponsor of your family member to come to Indonesia. That will be the subject for Family Dependant Visa.

Cancellation of the stay permit such as Second Home or KITAS requires you to do EPO (Exit Permit Only) which allows you to clear your visa status before you can apply for a new type of visa. In short, someone cannot have more than 1 active visa/stay permit at a time during his visit or stay in Indonesia.

Yes, you can. A deposit has its period before you can take it out to your bank account. Once the period is due already, you can move the money to your account and use it. However, it is important to ensure that you have the same amount of balance when you need to renew your Second Home Visa.

One of the advantages of the Second Home Visa compared to the Investor KITAS is that you are not obliged to pay taxes and with the funds you deposit in a government bank, you will receive bank interest every month.

You will get 5 years of stay immediately after your Second Home Visa is issued, and it is extendable for up to 10 years of stay. This visa also makes it easy for you to go in and out of Indonesia without having to worry about this visa getting cancelled

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